Payment is requested following consultation and will be invoiced.  If you are covered by insurance please inform your insurance company in advance to obtain an authorisation code.  This will ensure you are covered.  Insurance companies usually cover the cost of investigations such as mammograms, ultrasound scans and biopsies and follow-up appointments if necessary but the responsibility remains with the patient to meet any shortfall.  If there is a shortfall on your policy (often patients are required to pay an initial sum towards the treatment ) this will be invoiced to you directly once the insurance company has informed our office what shortfall is due.  Payment is respectfully requested on receipt of invoice.  

Payment is accepted by card or bank transfer (details on invoice).

We reserve the right to make a charge for non-attendance of appointments that are booked and confirmed.


A personal statement about fees

Jonathan Dawson recognises that medical interventions are expensive.  He also recognises you have made a choice to consult privately and he will do everything he can to minimise expense without compromising best clinical care and adherence to appropriate clinical pathways.  The majority of patients are eligible for treatment on the NHS and at any point you are entitled to exercise this right.  We will do anything appropriate to help patients who choose to transfer their treatment to the NHS;  this usually means requesting your GP to refer you to your local specialist unit. 

How to pay?

Please make BACS payments online to:

Dr J W Dawson

sort: 56 – 00 – 60

account:  97909769


We can accept card payments at the time of your appointment

If you have any questions about fees or payment please call 0777 606 1331