First, you need to find your way into the hospital.  If you can see the A&E department you are looking at the wrong entrance!  If you do enter the hospital from there go downstairs and you will in the v-e-r-y long corridor shown below.

If you have driven to the hospital you will probably be parked in the main car-park.  SatNav postcode to Cliftonville entrance NN1 5HQ.

Enter the hospital through the main entrance, walk past the shops until you reach the very long corridor.  Turn left and walk 50 yards until you reach Boots on your left, the Pharmacy on your right then Nuclear Medicine is ahead on the right


After a short corridor turn left along the v-e-r-y long corridor (called Hospital Street).  Walk along until you reach Boots the chemist opposite the Pharmacy sign

If you are entering the hospital after visiting the Forrest Centre, go through Integrated Surgery and exit the door by “C”

This will take you onto Hospital Street which is a v-e-r-y long corridor.  Turn left and walk for a couple of hundred metres until you see the Pharmacy sign, then the Boots on your left, then the sign for Nuclear Medicine is on your right